Carrie Pagliano Physical Therapy is an expert women’s pelvic health physical therapy practice serving the Washington, D.C. metro area. We help those with chronic pelvic pain, pre-natal and post-partum pelvic issues, including musculoskeletal pain and pediatric incontinence.

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Dr. Carrie J. Pagliano has been a dynamic leader in clinical care and education in the areas of women’s/pelvic health and orthopedics for nearly 20 years. Dr. Pagliano received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 1999 and Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in 2007. Dr. Pagliano is a double Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedics and Women’s Health and holds Manual Therapy Certification from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Dr. Pagliano is the founder of Carrie Pagliano PT, LLC. For over 10 years she was the program lead/founder for the Pelvic Physical Therapy clinical program/physical therapy residency at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.

An active member of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, a component of the American Physical Therapy Association, she currently serves on the Board of Directors as Past President. Dr. Pagliano is an adjunct professor at Marymount University and Lynchburg Universities in Virginia.  She is also an appointed Advisory Board member to the Pelvic Floor Disorders Network: National Institutes of Health, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National, Institute of Child Health and Human Development.  For over 10 years she was the program lead for the Pelvic Physical Therapy clinical program/physical therapy residency at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and served as Instructor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC for over 5 years.

Dr. Pagliano speaks nationally in the areas of pelvic floor education, pelvic health in sport, and integrative models of practice in pelvic physical therapy. She is a National Media Spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Pagliano is a vocal advocate for women and mothers in leadership in the physical therapy profession. Carrie resides in Arlington, Virginia with her husband, two children, and Border Terrier puppy.  When she’s not kid wrangling or bringing pelvic health to the world, Carrie is an avid runner, yogi & crossfitter.

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Before getting pregnant, running had become my sanity saver during COVID. I’m so thankful for your help getting back to running, otherwise I don’t know how I would have survived all of this!!


Carrie guided me in my postpartum journey of returning to my normal work outs and activities.  I was having symptoms, and so I knew I needed help.  I worked with Carrie over video chat and the experience was wonderful.  She was able to do a full evaluation with me, including taking information, administering some screenings, giving clear explanations, and answering all my questions.  She developed a simple, but effective plan for me to continue to progress towards my goals.  Carrie has been extremely responsive to my questions between sessions and has definitely made me feel like I got comprehensive treatment, even though it has all been over telehealth.  Thank you Carrie for the excellent service!


I came to Carrie after My postpartum journey definitely didn’t go as “planned.”  I lived a very active lifestyle before getting pregnant and was looking forward to getting back to that after my baby was born.   But urinary incontinence became an issue for me that held me back from being active.  Carrie Pagliano helped me get back to the active life that I was missing so much!  I’m able to distress with workouts, chase my child around the yard, and go for runs again without leaking.  Things I never thought I’d be able to do again.  Carrie gave me the tools that I needed to be able to continue my fitness and mom life without constantly worrying about incontinence.  I can’t thank her enough!r suffering some pelvic floor issues. Within one session, she had equipped me with techniques to address my most pressing issue. After two sessions, I was already experiencing relief of my original symptoms, and by the third, she had guided me to a greater body awareness I could not have imagined prior to meeting her! I highly recommend her for both her expertise as well as a professional and comfortable manner – no simple feat when dealing with such a sensitive problem!


I wanted to write you and tell you how WELL I am doing!! It’s been about a year since I first came to you.  I continue to do my pelvic floor exercises and as a measure of improvement, I am on the Intermediate level of my Elvie and feel great about that but even better prolapse is MUCH improved and 98% of the time I don’t even notice anything issues…so, BRAVO to you for being such a kind, patient and non-judgemental coach.  I am so grateful to you and I think of what road I would have gone down/difficulties I might have encountered if I had not connected to you.

Engaging the skills of Carrie Pagliano was a lifesaver for me. After another PT told me my only option for my weak pelvic floor was surgery, I made an appointment with Carrie to see if there might be hope for me in regaining strength/avoiding surgery. What a game-changer. In her very thorough, thoughtful, gentle and knowledgable way, Carrie gathered my entire health history to consider how a recent neck surgery/inactivity/stress may have contributed to the severity of my symptoms and devise a plan to help me regain strength, become aware of circumstances contributing to my symptoms and guiding me through a steady recovery. After four months/about 5 sessions with Carrie, I have strengthened my musculature substantially and am ready to continue on my own. While it’s a slow process, I am hopeful and feel greater confidence in regaining my abilities. Throughout, Carrie has been a great coach and has been so wonderful in making it easy to relax and feel respected and cared for during the process. The world of pelvic floor experts/Physical Therapists is new to me and to have found Carrie and her stellar skill set in the DC metro area is a godsend. I drove about an hour each way to see her and it was some of the best investment of my time I could have made. So much gratitude


I was one of the women who thought post-partum pelvic floor issues just came with the territory of motherhood, until one day when I accidentally stumbled across Carrie’s Instagram. It was then that I realized there was something I could do to return to a normal life where I didn’t live in fear of not making it to the bathroom in time. Carrie is a wonderful resource who really took the time to get to know me and provided me with techniques that were easy to implement in my daily life. I’m happy to say that over a few months of working with Carrie, my pelvic floor issues are under control and I know what I need to do to stay well going forward. I have recommended Carrie to many of my mom friends and would encourage anyone with post-partum issues to reach out as well.


Carrie has been such a blessing and I am so thankful to have found her! I started seeing Carrie due to pelvic pain that kept me from enjoying sex. I’d had the problem for years and had been to numerous doctors trying to find the root cause. Carrie was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and willing to explain every aspect of the treatment process during our appointments. Thanks to Carrie I am now pain free, something I didn’t think would be possible. Carrie is not only knowledgeable, but truly gets to know you and is a champion of her patients and their progress. I would highly recommend her.


Carrie Pagliano provided excellent care. From the beginning, she got to know me to understand where I was coming from so she could teach me about the importance of how my mental health influences my physical wealth. She always started interesting conversations and was genuinely concerned with how I was progressing in my condition. She reiterated that I should feel normal in my situation and and progress is personal for every person. She knew my husband by name, how he was graduating from law school, and always asked about all sorts of my life events. She encouraged me to do the exercises, but never made me feel guilty when I admitted I had not been consistent. As a result of my experience, I no longer regularly see Carrie because I have progressed so well that it is no longer necessary! I am very grateful for her service, as it is a game-changer for my marriage and quality of life!


I met Carrie a few months ago after experiencing some trauma that required physical therapy. I required a therapist with a very specific knowledge base, a strong element of empathy, and the ability to understand and work well with people. Carrie is able to work with a wide range of patients. She made me feel more normal. I was relieved to feel like I was finally in very good hands. I could be open, honest, and direct with her, and I always received the same courtesy back, but with extreme empathy, thought, and consideration. I am so lucky that I found Carrie to help me with my recovery. I still have a ways to go but I feel motivated and full of tools in my day to day activities to help me become the strong person that I know that I am. Thank you Carrie!


Working with Carrie to get my post baby body back to where it needs to be has been a blessing. She’s so knowledgeable and willing to explain things. I felt well taken care of feel confident in highly recommending her help.


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