Losing control of your bowels is not something many people feel comfortable talking about.  It can affect children and adults and can be a source of embarrassment and reduced quality of life.  The causes can range from uncoordinated pelvic floor muscles, post-partum pelvic floor dysfunction and impaired rectal sensation to poor bowel habits, GI disorders such as IBS or poor stool consistency.  We work together to help you find the root of the problem by looking at these 3 areas:

  • Input- diet, fiber and fluid intake
  • Motility- ability of nutrition to move through the GI system
  • Output- the ability to sense the presence of solid v. liquid. v. gas and demonstrate coordinated activation and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles to have an easy and unstrained bowel movement.

Physical therapy can help by identifying pelvic floor muscle coordination, strength and endurance via your customized home program.  We also identify any of your behaviors that may contributing to issues including toileting habits even if the pelvic floor is doing what it’s supposed to!

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