If you have young children and you’re spending sleepless nights changing sheets and endless laundry, your child might benefit from physical therapy for enuresis.

Urinary incontinence in kids (enuresis) is accidental or intentional urination in children who are at an age that they should have control over their bladder. Girls typically have control sooner than boys, however, it can be diagnosed in girls older than age 5 and boys older than age 6 having issues controlling urine. There are several types of wetting:

  • Diurnal enuresis: wetting during the day
  • Nocturnal enuresis: wetting during the night
  • Primary enuresis: occurs when child has never fully mastered toilet training.
  • Secondary enuresis: occurs when child did have a period of dryness, but then returned to having periods of incontinence.

Physical therapy treatment focuses on coordinated efforts with children and their families. Causes can be related to constipation, poor bladder habits or identifying other underlying issues. We can work together in-person or virtually as much of therapy involves education and progression of home exercise programming as well as monitoring of your child’s progress.

Resource: https://www.bedwettingandaccidents.com/

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