It’s taken me far longer to write this week’s newsletter than usual.
To say “it’s been a week” is an understatement. How can you write about pelvic health while the US is rioting, black people are being killed in the streets and by the way, did we forget about Corona Virus? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to take it all in, acknowledging my privilege to be overwhelmed in the safety of my own home, but still trying to do my job to be a resource for pelvic health. I’ll do my best and thanks for bearing with me.

I came across a quote in a book I’m reading (Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult):

“Not everything that is faced can be changed.
But nothing can be changed until it’s faced.”

-James Baldwin

It’s sentiment is applicable for the times we’re in right now, but it’s always been a thread through my work as a PT. Not every symptom can be “fixed,” but we can’t try to make change unless we open our eyes, give it a good walk-around and face the problem, laying out each piece, trying to make sense of it all. With many diagnoses, there are things we can’t change: genetics and past medical history to name a few. Although those things might seem insurmountable, the body is incredibly complex yet simple, resilient and adaptable. I’ve never been one to accept that a patient’s lack of progress means that’s all there is for them. There’s always an opportunity somewhere to leverage another system, another way to sequence a movement or another means to do better, getting closer to the patient’s goal of “better.”
That said, sometimes the results aren’t immediate; sometimes we’re playing the long game in the face of unexpected barriers, complications or just plain life. One thing is for certain, if we keep facing it, we can keep trying to make change for that patient.

If you still have something you’re grappling with and you’re open to finding more opportunities for change in your pelvic floor health, I’ve found asking for help from those who might already be working that problem is the best choice.  As always, I’m here to answer your questions anytime!  Just reply to this email if there’s anything I can do to help!

In the spirit of “making change” for your pelvic floor, I’ve re-opened the registration for my Postpartum Urinary Incontinence 101 Course JUST FOR TODAY (JUNE 2nd) only for those of you who signed up for my newsletter (and have read this far!)
Use the discount code INTHEKNOW for you or to share with a friend for 20% off the registration! I’m closing everything back up tonight at midnight our first LIVE Q&A will be on Thursday June 4th (You don’t have to be on the LIVE or FB to join the course- there’s other ways to submit questions!).  If it’s not something you need anymore, pass along the code to a friend who could use a little pelvic support right now.

Stay safe and well this week.  Make some change too if you can.


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