I found my spiritual writer twin, but we needed to have a chat.

A few years ago I was asked to be a member of the Media Corps Team for the American Physical Therapy Association, a significant honor to stay the least. Being a spokesperson has been an incredible honor & I’ve had a ton of fun doing it!

From time to time, our PR office reaches out with a vague interview request, typically the content focus is pelvic health related, and 99% of the time a very short turn around time.   The interviews are lightening fast, content packed, and I definitely get a rush after each one!

It’s fun, but usually not funny.

Pelvic health is pretty easy to keep light and interesting from a writer’s point of view. It’s a little taboo, you can sneak in some helpful tips and share some value showing people how to get help. Sometimes, it can be frustrating;  writers can have pre-conceived notions that all PT’s do is teach kegels and that if kegels don’t work, surgery is the next best option. In response, I usually take a calming breath & then slowly, carefully show them the breadth of options that pelvic PT can provide. Hopefully, I’ve left them with enough inspiration to write a glowing article that features physical therapy in a positive, serious and impactful light.

A fellow 202?

This was the start of our pre-scheduled interview last week? Ah, yes, a fellow former DC’er refusing to give up the coveted area code. 

(Some people will give up their grandma before they give up their 202.) 

Our PR department forwarded me a little background information on the interviewer; a recent article she wrote titled, “There is more than one way to pee outside: In a time of shuttered public restrooms, it’s time to get creative.”

A writer after my own heart.

I complemented her on her piece and we dove in. There’s nothing better than talking pelvic health with someone who gets it: education with a side of humor.  Unlike most articles, this one focused on pelvic health in the non-stereotypical areas; women before babies, men or just non-baby-related pelvic health information, period.

(Yes, I actually treat that too, actually a lot of it!)We zeroed in on what can lead to pelvic issues, including some of the toileting positions from her previous article.

Did you know that hovering over a toilet seat makes it really difficult for the pelvic floor to relax? 

(Your mom might have taught you this so you didn’t sit on the dirty public toilet seat.  Big No, No!)

Over time, this can increase the potential for having pelvic floor overactivity, a possible contributor to pelvic pain, urgency/frequency or stress urinary incontinence. I explained the differing approaches for overactive v. underactive pelvic floor (overactive, think relax; underactive, think kegel).

We had an Ah-ha moment together.

Did you know that one of the demographics most ill equipped to be diagnosed correctly are men? Most pelvic pain in men (scrotal pain, penis pain, pain with sex, etc) is related to pelvic floor overactivity.

(No kegels please!)

Go figure, working in women’s health, one of the the minority groups we advocate are men! 

(Ironic, I know, but our dads, grandpas, brothers & sons have pelvic floors too!)

I basically handed her an Easter egg.

Our brief but fruitful interview went as well as I could’ve hoped. She was able to tie in her summer article on toileting was able to get in some great education tidbits. She even posded my favorite last question…”Is there anything else you’d like to add?”

(My PR training taught me, YES! There’s always something to add!)

My favorite add-on is: Did you know you can access a physical therapist in all 50 states without a physician’s order?

(People don’t realize this & it usually extends the interview with a few more clarifying questions! WIN-WIN!)

We definitely got each other.

I couldn’t have asked for a better interview.  

(It even outshone the time I had to explain to a Washington Post writer that vaginal gas is the medical term for queef…one of my shining professional moments!) 

It’s a great day when I can have a witty conversation weaving in my love for physical therapy and a little advocacy for our pelvic floors.  

Have a favorite writer you think I’d love? (or they might love to talk about pelvic health with me!) Reply to this email!  I’d love to connect!


P.S. Want to know more about pelvic floor overactivity?  Check out more info HERE

P.P.S. I’m super proud of representing Pelvic Floor PT in the media!  Click HERE & scroll to IN THE MEDIA for features from Today.com to SHAPE magazine!

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