You’d think after 5 weeks under a stay at home order & I’d have a handle on our family’s routine- I will give myself a B. We got our new puppy Abby a few weeks before lockdown & it took a little bit to train all of us & get her sleep in check.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten my morning time back for the most part (I get up at 4:30/5:00 am to meditate, have some peace & work). I’ve continued to struggle with the constant battle of where to fit in regular workouts, homeschooling on the days I’m doing telehealth at the office & what to make for dinner (let’s be honest, that was hard before all this.)

I’ve also struggled with the additional expectations that apparently come with being a parent in pandemic times. I will start by saying I am not a Pinterest mom, I have a 9-year-old who is a very particular eater (brand loyalty is always what you want in a pandemic) & the kids have entirely embraced a “more relaxed” later schedule now that they know school is “over” for the year. In the mom prep department, I was late to the party in purchasing the Pinterest staples of sidewalk chalk & puzzles (you can’t find them anywhere), & despite the fact that I have plenty of yeast, I have no burning desire to make my own bread 24/7 (& no, I don’t have a sourdough starter you can borrow!).

Knowing we have at least 2 more months to go, here’s what I’ve learned:

1. Despite the fact that I could fit my workouts in during the afternoon, I am not an afternoon workout person (pandemic or not). Getting it done in the morning lets me feel like I accomplished something & provides less opportunities to get derailed. It still a daily struggle, but I find I have more energy to battle it earlier in the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a choice, sticking to what you know about yourself may be the best way to stay on track!

2. Overestimate how long it will take to get something done, and done is better than perfection! It’s a little like Island Time (without the beach, fruity drink & warm tropical breeze), everything seems to take a bit longer these days- getting the kids to do schoolwork, connecting a zoom call or ordering your groceries (that might take forever!) Plan to get less done than normal & that way you’re not stressed or feeling constantly behind.

3. Keep moving. It’s been crazy spring weather here in DC after a snowless winter; lots of wind, rain & an unbelievable amount of pollen. Some days I feel a bit like our puppy Abby when we expect her to go out in the rain to pee- I’m not going out there! Don’t think, just go. Take a short walk, ask your kids to be your workout coach (my son only agreed when I told him he could have a whistle!) or play a quick game of HORSE in the driveway. I’m under no delusion that my fitness level is at par with my pre-pandemic levels. What I do know is never once have I felt worse after I got up & did something. Put your shoes on. It’s half the battle.

I hope you’re settling into your new normal whatever that may be. If you’re on the front lines, be safe and well. If you’re holding down the fort at home, I wish you the same. Let me know how your routine is going & if there’s anything I can do to help!

Stay healthy,

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