I can’t dance like Beyoncé.

I know, it’s hard to believe. I can hold my own on a dance floor at a PT conference once or twice a year but that’s the extent of it (maybe an impromptu dance party with the kids!)

I watched Black King on Disney+ (not once but twice) this weekend.  Full disclosure, I wouldn’t say I’m normally a Beyoncé fan. I was absolutely mezmorized by the story, costumes, characters, dancing and the movement. I even watched the credits (that’s my brother-in-law’s fault, he & my sister-in-law are actors and they’re always looking for names they know). The typical credits scrolled by, with 4 names listed under the “Special Assistants to Ms. Knowles-Carter;” 2 were specifically highlighted as Physical Therapists.

Queen B has not 1, but 2 Physical Therapists.
I looked them up immediately, I didn’t recognized either name; the first was in sport performance and the other was a general PT in NYC who had some pelvic health experience.

Hot Damn.
So let’s get this right, arguably one of the most well known singers and dancers in the world, not to mention 3 years after the birth of her twins, and 8 years after Blue Ivy, has regular PT to help support in her quest for world domination? AND includes their names in the “Special” portion of the credits?

I’m appreciating Bey even more.

So what’s a mom to do that still wants to stay active postpartum and having issues, but might not have the unlimited resources of the Queen?

Stop throwing your money at programs promising to make you dance like Beyoncé when you are 100% NOT the 2nd coming of Sasha Fierce.

Translation: stop window shopping your online postpartum exercise programs. Just because they’re showcasing a flat tummy DOESN’T MEAN it’s because of the program they’re trying to sell you.
If they can do it, why can’t you?

Because you’re not them.
It’s more complicated than that; genetics, collagen, birth story, pre-pregnancy movement history, medical background, nutrition, co-morbidities (all the other stuff).  When your ACTUAL expertise is the human body and the science of movement, none of this is particularly surprising.  We CAN set realistic expectations and goals.

If you’re window-shopping your postpartum program, you’re probably going to swipe right past me.
I can’t dance and I don’t have a flat stomach.  (I’ve never had a flat stomach so I’m not expecting one anytime soon BTW!)   I have personally worked through my own pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, 2 C-sections as well as urinary incontinence. I run, do yoga and Crossfit; 98% of the time symptom free.  I don’t have unlimited time or resources to devote to exercise or nutrition. I know what you’re going through personally and have 20 years working with it as a medical professional. 

If all this postpartum stuff was avoidable, don’t you think I’d be the 1st one try to avoid it?
Don’t believe the hype. Stop wasting your money on the dream they’re trying to sell. Be sensible like your mom told you.

If you want to be like Beyoncé, get help from ACTUAL experts, not the ones playing them on the internet.
I know what’s realistic, and when you’re being sold a dream based on your fears.  I’m not afraid to tell you that Jay-Z isn’t going to mistake you for his wife, but I’m also not going to discourage you from getting back to what you love to do in the safest, most symptom-free way possible.  

I’ll be grooving to the the Black is King soundtrack for the next few weeks, dancing by alone in the safety of my living room. I will NOT be sharing any of those moves on Instagram; I’ll be sticking with my regular pelvic content (leaving dancing to the experts).

Ready to treat your postpartum issues like Beyoncé?
Reply to this email & we’ll map a plan.  

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Stay safe and keep dancing.

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