Happy Tuesday!

I’ve spent a lot of time the past few months taking items off my calendar. I used to joke that my Google Calendar looked like Rainbow Brite threw up all over it (showing my GenX age here).

We were busy, but wasn’t everyone?

Everything had it’s time block because that’s when it was. There wasn’t much choice in a lot of it, sports were always after-school and on weekends, work was work and anything else I wanted to do needed to be able to be tucked neatly between everything else.

And then it stopped.
At first, we rescheduled.
Then we realized we didn’t know when we would reschedule to so we just cancelled.
Again, again and again.
And then it stopped.
Until a few weeks ago.

The glimmer of a Phase 2 inspired swim practice and a socially distant baseball practice were just the beginning. Can we have a socially distant “play date?” What now for the Fourth of July? What’s going to happen with school in the fall? (don’t worry- not opening that can of worms for awhile!)

I’ve definitely felt the hesitancy that’s come with “more” on our schedule, having to be somewhere at a certain time & “working around” commitments. As I mentioned last week, I”m trying to fit in some workouts, take the opportunity to enjoy watching the kids “play” with their friends again, but let’s be honest, it’s still super weird. With Phase 3 coming on July 1st, I barely feel like we’ve become accustomed to Phase 2. Such is life in pandemic times.

It feel like we’re on the other side of the hump, but I know very clearly that we’re not. Did I do enough during the lock-down? Should I have done something more? What if the kids don’t go back to school in the fall? Do I need to start preparing for that now? (sorry- I lied. Had to go there! #thestruggleisreal) We’ve literally been playing whack-a-mole for 4 months and I still don’t know the rules other than take each day as it comes, be ready for anything (even a baseball practice with <24 hours notice) and ALWAYS come prepared with your mask, hand sanitizer & your “smiling eyes.” (Still trying to perfect that one!)

No matter what you decide to do this week, I hope you have a safe, socially distant and enjoyable “holiday weekend” with whoever is in your COVID circle. Get some movement in, share some laughs and keep taking each day as it comes!


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