Captain’s Log:  Week #2 of Summer Break! The kids are restless. Who would’ve guessed we’d miss the quarantine schedule? The list of things we’re “allowed to do” is growing, but the question remains, are WE ready yet? Is there such a thing as “not enough popsicles” in your house? Apparently there is in ours!

“Wild America: Arlington Version” has become a welcome addition to our summer. A dove & her hubby have taken up house in one of our window boxes, promptly laying two eggs. I’m a little surprised they decided to stay after accidentally flying through an open door into our living-room last week. After a slew of curse words, I managed to get her back outside again. Needless to say we’re becoming accepting neighbors, my husband adding an automatic watering system to our flowers, so we don’t disturb nature taking it’s course.

In other news, I’d like to share with you my most recent mom-multi-tasking victory.  In what felt like a really abrupt start, the kids are now back in “swim team,” basically socially distant swim practice without the fun camaraderie, meets and on a sporadic alternating schedule (that I”m definitely going to get confused and/or forget.) In a stroke of luck, both kids had the same practice time. Once I got them unmasked & into the water (all Phase 2 guidelines of course!), I stood around for the 30 minute practice chatting with another mom. The practice wasn’t long but at least the kids could burn some energy.  For me personally, it felt like it wasn’t enough time that I could be productive…until yesterday. In a flash of brilliance, I tossed a kettle-bell, mat & step into the trunk of my car (full disclosure, the step lives in my car in storage until the clinic is fully open again…my husband curses me over it!). I programmed a quick circuit workout, dropped off the kids, set my alarm (so I wouldn’t forget the kids) & got to it in the parking lot! I kept it simple starting with 10 step ups, 10 push ups and 10 kettle-bell swings, adding 2 reps to each round until it was time to get the kids. It was hot, I worked up a sweat & I felt a million percent better the rest of the day for having gotten it done. (Maybe I can convince some other moms trapped in their vans to join me next time!) Keeping this activity up would mean finding some consistency again, not guilting myself for something else & another step in my quest for efficient-mom-multi-tasking-world-domination…or at least just dominating our household!

Here’s the moral of the story– things are going to keep changing. With a little planning we can make the most of it, outsmart ourselves & find a way to keep active.

Research is very clear that physical activity helps physical and mental health.

I can’t ever remember a time I was physically active and didn’t feel better afterwards. Putting on your shoes and planning ahead is the hardest part!  Maybe I’ll tackle what’s for dinner next…

Find something you love, plan ahead & keep moving. Let me know if I can help if there’s barriers in your way!
Stay safe and well!

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