Don’t Forget to Look Back

Today I look at the calendar and I realize it’s the 4 year anniversary of my business. I had totally forgotten. 


This made me think of a conversation I have with moms, about how we are always looking ahead to what’s next. 

I remember with my oldest, I was just checking through milestones. 

When will eat crawl? 

When will he walk? 

I very much remember being focused on which milestone was next. And because they came so quickly, it was SO EASY to start fixating on that. 

I realize this is still a habit I have. It’s so important to just stop and take a look back in the rear view mirror to see how far I’ve come. 

Sometimes I have moms come in to their visits essentially apologizing that they ONLY did this or that, downplaying the progress they HAVE made. I have to remind them of the problems they were experiencing when they first came into care and how far they have come from that starting point. 

(This is me talking to myself here.)

If we don’t stop and appreciate how far we’ve come then it becomes difficult to grasp how much work we’ve put into something and appreciate that. 

Stop and look back. Remember what it felt like in the beginning. It’s okay to feel those feels because it makes it so much sweeter when we recognize our progress. 

I’m going to spend  a few minutes today reflecting on how far I’ve come in my business so I can continue to help moms in their postpartum journeys. 

If you’re a mom, I encourage you to think back on something that you couldn’t do in your early postpartum that is a thing of the past now. 

If you’re a postpartum pro, maybe think back to the first time you helped a mom postpartum and how terrified you may have been.