Don’t take this bad advice postpartum!

I saw a dinosaur today. It happens every once in a while, but today, this dinosaur was PREHISTORIC.

A mom reached out and told me about her experience with another pelvic floor PT. 

The homework she was given by this dinosaur of a PT (and I mean this in the most respectful way), was straight from early 2000. The advice she was given had NO RESEARCH to support it. None whatsoever. 

And I know the PT group the patient came from. Some of them know better. But they are constrained by time and quotas . This mom didn’t even receive a screening! Just blanket instructions for a postpartum mom with prolapse. 

This is why so many PTs, myself included, have decided to be out-of-network providers. We simply can’t give the care moms deserve with the artificial expectations placed on us by outside forces. 

This is where my profession needs to level up. If you’re working in a facility where return to sport clients are being given this kind of care, it’s time to speak up. If a runner comes to you to improve her symptoms, don’t just tell her she can’t run. Give her a plan of care to get back to doing what she loves!

We need to be so much better at standing up for good care. We have better information and resources now. We have to help the profession!

If you’re a mom trying to find care, and you’re not getting what you need, don’t be afraid to tell them you’re discontinuing care because they are providing out of date information. 

As providers, we have a choice to make. Do we want to stay dinosaurs and get hit by the asteroid, or do we evolve? 

We need to hold ourselves accountable so the care we provide our clients is the absolute best. 

Accountability, being open to learning new things. Being okay saying you don’t know how to treat something. These things need to be normalized.

You can’t change things that you don’t know. 

I share my knowledge (and keep expanding my knowledge) because my community deserves better. 

If you’re a mom and you’ve gone through this, HIT REPLY and share your experience. 

If you’re a provider and you’ve seen this, HIT REPLY and let me know how you handled this in the past.