BRENNAN GRIGNON- Supporting Moms at the Start Line

Today I am speaking with Brennan Grignon, founder of 5M Strategies and formerly of &Mother, a non‐profit focused on maternal health. Prior to founding 5M Strategies, Brennan served under three Presidential Administrations in the Department of Defense as Director of Industry Outreach and Supply Chain Resilience.

After playing water polo in high school, she swam for a Division I college, and then qualified for Boston in her first marathon. Brenna then discovering triathlon, and eventually went on to compete at World Championships for Team USA. In 2016, Brennan was hit by a car while riding her bike. After eight months of recovery, she returned to training and competed in her first half Ironman, where she placed third overall. After experiencing an early pregnancy loss in 2018, she gave birth to her daughter in April 2019 and her son in October 2020. 

These days Brennan is training mostly for “life,” which suits her just fine. She has registered for a half marathon in May, but is waiting to see if she’ll race it, or just run for fun. 

We Talk About:

-working with &Mother

-maternal outcomes in the US

-visibility of moms in elite sports

-negotiating contracts

-guidance for pregnant pro athletes

-hormonal changes

-dealing with depression

-available postpartum support

-logistics of race support

Time Stamps

1:00 Introduction

4:25 what &Mother does 

7:07 addressing maternal health disparity 

13:20 grants for mothers

15:10 support for negotiating contracts

18:12 guidance for pregnant pro athletes

26:02 addressing RED-S

29:04 Brennan’s athletic history

35:58 navigating postpartum

39:11 returning to workouts postpartum

48:00 supporting races






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