600 Pies and Childbirth Prep

What do 600 pies & childbirth prep have in common? 🥧 👶

My office in Arlington is next to an amazing pie store called Living the Pie Life. When my windows are open, the delicious smells from the pies waft into my clinic. And this time of year, they are GEARED UP for pie season. SIX. HUNDRED. PIES! 

Can you imagine the preparation it takes to make 600 pies for a single day?

They have a process for preparing the ingredients, for ordering the pies, for picking up the pies. It’s like clockwork every year. ⏰

They know exactly how to prepare, they know the end result, and it’s easy to repeat. 

Just like childbirth, right? Right??? 😂😂😂

We all know that’s not even remotely true. You can get a due date, but that baby may come sooner, it may come later. It comes when it wants. 

I understand want women to do everything in their power to be Prepared (with a capital P) for childbirth (I was no different!). They tell me, “I know I’m supposed to see you before I have a baby so we can prevent all of the bad things from happening.” And I can’t help but smile. Because their intentions are true! And while it’s unrealistic to expect to control the outcome, it’s the perfect time to start the conversation about expectations.

People know to ask about abdominal separation (it’s gonna happen, sorry.) But they don’t know to ask about prolapse. Having a conversation about prolapse BEFORE it happens is way easier than learning about it for the first time when you’re trying to take care of a new baby. 

Here are a few things to know:

✅ Don’t laminate your birth plan. (It’s going to change. Probably in the first minit.)

✅ Get a lactation consultant. (If you’re not provided one, check out an independent one like, the Balanced Boob.)

✅ Consider getting a doula. (GAME CHANGER, people! Do not discount the support they can provide!)

We can’t prevent everything, there are simply too many variables. But having these conversations early gives you a headstart on what to look out for. Then if a problem DOES arise, you can address it right away, with the right tools and support. 

Moral of the story: There are things, like baking 600 pies for American Thanksgiving, that you can prepare for and know what to expect. And then there are things, like childbirth, that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But if we’ve had these conversations ahead of time, we at least know what could be around the corner. 

Want to prep & prevent as much as you can for delivery & postpartum?

The next few weeks, we’ll be talking about preparation for birth and postpartum, and where we can prevent and where we have to just account for the variables. 

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