The Key to Postpartum Fitness with Mike & Brittney Savitch of The Conditioning Room

Today I speak with Mike and Brittney Savitch, owners and co-founders of The Conditioning Room, located in Arlington, Virginia. The mission of the Conditioning Room is to help people create healthy, sustainable habits to become their strongest version. Mike grew up in the Virgin Islands and competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics on the bobsled team. He has been involved in personal and athletic training for over 20 years. Brittney came from the world of dance performance and instruction. She has spent her time since involve with personal and group training. 

Brittney and Mike share their experience working with moms and talks about the common issues they see. We talk about their approach to postpartum programming and how they encourage moms to lift heavy and try new things. The mental aspect of fitness, especially postpartum, is so frequently overlooked. You don’t want to miss what they have to say! 

We  talk about:

-importance of mental strength 

-difference between Mike and Brittney’s mental game. 

-background in fitness

-Brittney’s experience with pregnancy and postpartum 

-the why behind the stimulus  

-dad’s “postpartum” experience

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

3:52 experience working with moms

8:45 setting up postpartum programming

13:05 navigating parenting, fitness, and owning a gym

20:40 fatherhood “postpartum” 







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