Finding Your Postpartum Support Team with World Traveler & Crossfit Supermom Alexia B.

Today I speak with Alexia B., a proud member of the “you’re never too old to try something new” club and professional dabbler in sports having picked up competitive swimming in college, rock climbing in her late 20s, and Crossfit in her 30s. As a career US Foreign Service Officer, her job has allowed her to be in the sport of fitness worldwide and show her two adorable children just what it means to prioritize your health and well-being. 

She grew up playing sports but never really being “fit”. It wasn’t until her husband introduced her to Crossfit that she found passion for the pursuit of health. Since then, she has had two babies. We talk about maintaining fitness during pregnancy and her struggles coming back postpartum. Even while seriously pursuing competitive fitness, she dealt with common pelvic floor issues but because they were common she didn’t think much of it other than it just being a part of life. She finds that the pursuit of fitness/health is what keeps her grounded. It makes her a better wife/mom/employee because it is what brings her joy outside of those roles.

I think many of us can relate to the issues Alexia experienced surrounding  her fitness and postpartum. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We  talk about:

-tips for finding community even when traveling

-working for the State Department and world travels

-the importance of trying new things

-experiences with postpartum CrossFit

-learning how to make the mind-body connections

-normal doesn’t mean acceptable

-tips for finding resources

-building in self-care time

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

3:50 using sports as a way to find community when traveling

5:20 biggest challenge staying active with kids

8:15 biggest surprise as a postpartum athlete

14:00 taking the fear out of going to PT

18:50 tips for finding resources 

29:00 shifting perspectives






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