Your Pelvic Floor Health Shouldn’t Dictate Your Fashion Choices

Your pelvic floor health shouldn’t dictate your fashion choices.


Let’s start from the beginning.

I am not a fashion expert, nor am I claiming to be one! But you can tell a lot about what’s going on with someone’s pelvic floor based on their fashion choices in a workout.

I’m also seeing fitness professionals saying mom jeans or high-waisted leggings can CAUSE pelvic floor issues. Is this true?


Let’s unpack these two things.

One is saying you need to base your fashion choices off of your workout and the other is saying your fashion choices are causing physical problems. Neither are true.

I saw a post saying the high-wasted pants cause downward pressure that can cause prolapse. That’s an wildly oversimplified understanding of what causes prolapse.

And this is where the fallacy is. In postpartum, moms are told to wear high-waisted compression shorts for support and then are told NOT to wear mom jeans because of the compression. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Don’t try to take my high-waisted pants from me!

We aren’t talking about corsets or waist trainers (this isn’t Bridgerton). We’re talking about pants, people.

When you hear these voices saying things like this, immediately be wary. Our bodies just aren’t that delicate and if they were, we would have lost our organs a long time ago. We have multiple layers of systems to make sure our organs don’t just fly out of us at the first sign of pressure.

The second thing we need to address is the line of women in black leggings waiting to use the bathroom “one last time” before double unders in a workout. Heck, they’re probably all wearing panty liners, too.

Letting your workout dictate your fashion is bad enough, but If you’re skipping workouts because you don’t want to deal with the impending leakage, that’s a sign you need to see someone to help you with your pelvic floor health.

I can’t guarantee 100% of people will have 100% improvement, but we can probably make things a lot better for you. You shouldn’t be avoiding exercises because of your pelvic floor health.

Yes, you can go with black pants and a panty liner, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to plan your fashion choices around your workout?

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