DR. CHLOË MURDOCK- Bike Fitting & The Pelvic Floor

Today I speak with Dr. Chloë Murdock, physiotherapist and expert bike fitter. Chloë’s clinical expertise treating endurance athletes with orthopedic and pelvic floor dysfunction gives her a unique perspective as a bike fitter, and allows her to comprehensively assess and fit cyclists to their optimal position. As a former D-1 track and cross country athlete, her love for sport runs deep. She is a Slowtwitch and BikeFit certified bike fitter, as well as a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and USATF level 1 and RRCA certified running coach.

Chloë shares many useful tips and tricks for both pregnant moms and this retuning postpartum. You don’t want to miss this episode!

We  talk about:

-demands on the pelvis in cycling

-normal discomfort

-the fit of cycling shorts

-bike fit checks postpartum

-common issues with endurance athletes

-asymmetrical saddle fit

-identifying weak links

-virtual bike assessments

-International Bike Fitting Institute

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

2:08 pelvic floor and cycling

3:40 discomfort in the saddle

12:25 differences in bike shorts

14:10 triathlon versus cycling shorts

16:20 returning to cycling postpartum

20:30 peloton during pregnancy

22:40 increase in women in endurance sports

26:10 most common issues seen 

28:10 ins and outs of a bike fit

35:45 working with pregnant and postpartum athletes

38:28 common mistakes with bike fits

44:20 rapid fire questions


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