DR. STEPHANIE WAGGEL- Perinatal Mental Health

Today I am speaking with Dr. Stephanie Waggel, a mother, physician, author, motivational speaker, teacher, cancer survivor, marathon runner, and founder of Improve Medical Culture. She has a degree in psychology, biology and medicine and has over 17 years of experience working in the mental health field. In 2023, Dr. Waggel became certified in perinatal mental health. Specifically, advanced studies in perinatal psychopharmacology (medication for pregnant people). She feels this area is understudied and pregnant women deserve an educated professional to provide correct diagnosis and treatment. She started a free therapy group and heavily advocates for expansion and integration of PMADs care.

We dive deep into the importance of having professionals that can diagnose and treat perinatal mental health, as well as her own mom journey.

We talk about: 

-advocating for maternal mental health

-psychologist versus psychiatrist

-breastfeeding and medications

-when to seek help

-intrusive thoughts in postpartum

-finding running in postpartum

-sports in pregnancy

-early education

Time Stamps

1:00 Introduction

3:06 where to go and who to see?

10:04 meds in postpartum

14:06 intrusive thoughts

 20:01 normalizing feelings

25:35 being a runner

31:53 more moms talking about postpartum

35:24 exercise to navigate mental health

42:30 the fear of losing control

49:38 rapid fire questions


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