Keep your pelvic floor symptoms in check over the holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? And it can be wonderful, but it can also give us added stress. And that stress can show itself in unexpected ways.

I spent last week with my clients talking about how they were going to get through the holidays and these are the 3 things that will make the most difference!

1. Keep it simple. 

2. See where the problems may be hiding

3. Knowing the effects of getting out of your routine

It’s one of those things where you need to see where the biggest challenges are coming from and identify how stress might affect your pelvic floor symptoms. 

I always tell women to expel the idea that they will have extra time to do things for themselves. 


If anything you will have extra stress! If you’re traveling for the first time with an infant, don’t forget you’ll be  wrangling the stroller, the bags, the BABY. We don’t always see ahead and consider the challenges to our pelvic floor.

All these things might lead to a little more stress, a little more leakage, a little more back pain. Or what about travel-induced constipation?!? How about that little gem?

 So many things we don’t see coming related to travel and the holidays. Even just being out of our routine can be enough to exacerbate symptoms. 

Don’t look to add things in this season, look to maintain the bare minimum. 

What is the absolute least you can do to MAINTAIN the progress you’ve made? (See how I did not say “make progress”?)

I’m not going to pack my jump rope or resistance bands to my suitcase ( I know I won’t use them anyways.) I’ll go for some walks and I’ll bring my Lacrosse ball to work out the kinks from traveling. THAT’S IT.

Just be aware of the affects you may experience from getting out of your routine. 

You shouldn’t be planning your vacation around your workouts, at least not in this stage of life!

We don’t need to add to the guilt trip. Have realistic expectations. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Don’t look at the holidays as a time to get ahead. Do what you need to do to stay sane. It’s a time to practice consistency with the bare minimum.