Prolapse, Hormones & Urogynecology Dr. Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Today I speak with Dr. Jocelyn Fitzgerald, Assistant Professor Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, University of Pittsburgh. Recently, she had a tweet go viral talking about what a terrible job we do about educating women about their bodies and we unpack that in our conversation. We have a candid conversation about prolapse and why so many professionals think women shouldn’t be education about the possibilities BEFORE they are pregnant. Jocelyn talks about how patients can find the right type of provider to care for the symptoms they are experiencing. So much has changed over the years with how women get care for prolapse. We talk about those changes and current options that exist.  

Jocelyn is committed to equity in women’s health and supports the Magee Women’s Research Institute. If you’d like to donate to women’s health and know that the funds are going directly into the hands of real scientists on a singular mission of bringing women’s health to where men’s health has been for 100 years, the Magee Women’s Research Institute is doing just that. 

We  talk about:

-educating women about their bodies

-stages of pelvic floor prolapse

-the role age plays in experiencing prolapse

-the brain’s interpretation of pain and sensation

-when pessaries can help 

-tailoring care for each patient


Time Stamps

1:00 education decreases anxiety 

4:00 common types of prolapse and the spectrum

9:30 how people experience prolapse differently

15:28 navigating options for care and pessaries 

22:00 how options have changed

28:45 advice for women in postpartum 









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