KATE EDWARDS- Postpartum Running with Fast Bananas

Today I speak with Dr. Kate Edwards, the founder of Precision Performance & Physical Therapy. She has dedicated her life to helping runners feel better and perform better. Kate is residency trained in orthopedics, a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and trained in running medicine. She and her team at Precision Performance treat Elite, collegiate, high school and recreational runners. Her race resume includes several marathons and three Bostons. Kate has been a running coach, authored books & research articles about running, teaches and lectures nationally & internationally, is the co-host of the More Than Miles podcast and recently launched a new running company, Fast Bananas.

She shares her story of nearly dying while running because of a rare genetic heart disease. She has used all she has learned in practice and from her experience to build Fast Bananas, a one stop resource for runners!

We talk about: 

-past running experience

-having a rare genetic heart disease

-working with pregnant elite runners

-RUNsourse and Fast Bananas

-managing stress outside of running

-collaborating for the best care

-authoring books

-accessibility of information

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

5:50 dealing with a rare genetic heart disease

11:01 research for elite pregnant athletes

16:04 doing things differently

19:20 mental health support

23:30 collaborative care

28:20 running too early

30:02 writing a book about postpartum running

35:40 increasing accessibility 

443:44 rapid fire questions


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Website: https://carriepagliano.com


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fastbananasrun/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/precisionpt_atl/

Website: https://www.fastbananas.com/

Website: https://www.katemihevcedwards.com/


RUNsource by Fast Bananas! RUNsource the only online resource runners will ever need. Use “CarrieP” for a free month. 

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