KRISTAL LAU- Postpartum Rest

Today I speak with Dr. Kristal Lau, a Physician-turned-Postpartum Wellness Consultant and the author of ‘Postpartum 30’. She brings over 10 years of collective experience in clinical medicine, scientific research, and public health along with her personal experiences of navigating postpartum and motherhood as a mom of 2, an Asian expat in the West, and a U.S. military spouse. Dr. Lau delivers insights and actionable strategies for postpartum wellness, including balancing traditions and cultural practices with modern postpartum care.

Kristal shares her experience with her first confinement practice, and how it lead her to finding ways to respectfully modernize this postpartum practice that is sacred to her culture while incorporating her medical background.

We  talk about:

-confinement in Asian cultures

-massage as part of postpartum care

-herbs in pregnancy and postpartum

-Traditional Chinese Medicine 

-exclusions of birth partner 

-confinement centers in Asia

-roll of family in postpartum

-struggles with postpartum depression

-life of a military family

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

2:20 postpartum period in Malaysia

8:03 trusting pregnant moms

12:38 living in Alabama 

17:50 Traditional Chinese Medicine and postpartum recommendations

21:00 what happens after second child

26:45 transitioning out of confinement period

30:19 parental leave & supporting moms

39:40 military moms and families

44:50 rapid fire questions







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