LASHONDA JONES: C-section recovery

Today I speak with Dr. Lashonda Jones, an Ortho and Postpartum Doctor of Physical therapy, certified personal trainer, pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist, & certified macro nutrition coach with over 17 years of experience. She’s also a mom of 2 and fellow C-section mom. Dr. Jones is the owner of Core Elevation Fitness and Wellness, a global online company helping moms and women heal their diastasis, recover after C-section, and safely return to exercise before and after giving birth. She loves helping women bridge the gap between rehab & fitness while promoting the value of wellness and self care. 

Having had an unplanned C-section herself, she understands both the physical and emotional toll it can have on moms. That’s why she’s so passionate about getting this much needed education and resources out there because we deserve so much better. 

We  talk about:

-specializing in women’s health

-breaking the stigma of c-sections

-taking time to recover

-dealing with diastasis recti

-educate early and often

-a “natural” birth

-strategies to improve c-section recovery

-lifting heavy

-helping older moms

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

4:35 previous knowledge of c-sections

6:05 sharing birth stories

10:15 comparing recoveries

12:45 c-section and diastasis

16:55 moms looking for education

20:15 common myths

24:08 stories from patients

28:20 load and diastasis recovery

33:04 coning and doming

38:41 the future for moms

44:30 is it ever too late?

49:59 rapid fire questions







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