LEXI THOMPSON- The Baby Sleep Coach

Today I am speaking with Lexi Thompson, owner and founder of All-Nighters Pediatric Sleep Consulting. She started her journey as a baby sleep coach when she had her daughter. Becoming a first time mom did not scared Lexi, due to her medical background as a NICU nurse. But what did scare her was the dreaded horror stories about never getting any sleep. Lexi was determined to not be “another sleep deprived mom”. Without much hesitation she became a certified sleep consultant, specializing in infant and toddler sleep while on maternity leave. Lexi immediately fell in love with helping families enjoy life again well-rested. Having first-hand experience, Lexi sleep trained her own daughter in a matter of 3 nights. She is set out to make one less thing a struggle during motherhood!

We Talk About:

-the steps of a sleep plan

-warning signs for sleep issues

-typical sleep patterns

-listening to your intuition

-velcro babies

-figuring out naps

-“sleeping through the night”

-food intolerances

-navigating naps

Time Stamps

1:00 Introduction

9:02 when it’s time to sleep train

12:27 when patterns emerge

16:30 finding the right sleep coach

23:30 starting with naps or nap time 

30:15 why your baby isn’t sleeping

34:04 getting through feedings

37:59 changing nap patterns

44:02 rapid fire questions


IG: https://www.instagram.com/carriepagliano/

Website: https://carriepagliano.com


IG: https://www.instagram.com/lexi_thebabysleepcoach/

Website: www.all-nighters.biz

Lexi’s Two Week Sleep Plan. Lexi’s sleep program includes two weeks of expert support with a customized, detailed sleep plan for your baby, turning them in an “All-Nighter!” Schedule a call today!


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