MURINA HUDANI- Diastasis Recti & Tummy Tuck Rehab

Today I speak with Munira Hudani,  a Pre- and Post-Natal physiotherapist in Canada, and an emerging leader for the management of Diastasis Recti. After years of frustration in landing inconsistent results with her clients, and the dissatisfaction in having to say “we just don’t have enough research right now,” Munira began to challenge the conventional method to managing DRA. She realized that part of the inconsistent results came down to how DRA was being conceptualized. Murina started practicing with a different set of principles which improved outcomes. She has now compiled all of her knowledge and experience into a new framework that revolutionizes how we conceptualize, assess, and manage DRA. Murina is passionately committed to transferring this knowledge to both professionals and patients so they can finally make sense of the steps to take when navigating this condition.

We talk about: 

-learning about diastasis recti

-separating diastasis recti from back pain and other dysfunctions

-diastasis recti is not preventable

-factors that lead to long-term issues

-management of diastasis recti

-problems with the research

-Is the gap bad?

-feeling at home in your body

-targeting the transverse abdominis

-experiencing pregnancy and motherhood

-letting go of expectations

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

7:05 defining diastasis recti

10:50 prevention of DR

13:45 fear mongering in pelvic health

17:30 predicting long-term issues

22:00 what the research says 

27:00 explaining distortion

31:20 Is the gap bad?

40:05 creating personalized care

41:00 being a new mom

48:33 rapid fire questions







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