3 Postpartum Myths that needed busting in 2021

What’s the worst postpartum advice you’ve ever heard? (Come on, I know you’ve heard some gems!)

That’s where Mythbuster Monday started, with women telling me things they’ve heard from friends, on the internet, from trainers,  FROM DOCTORS! (GASP!)

Here’s a look in the rear view mirror at the 3 most ridiculous myths I’ve heard this year.

1) Mom jeans will make your prolapse symptoms worse.

Now, maybe if you have a lot of sensitivity, a pair of ill-fitting, super tight pants could exacerbate symptoms. (Think Kardashian-esque corsets) But the high-waisted leggings we all love? GIVE ME A BREAK. The majority of women will be totally fine. 

Whenever I hear, “All women…” or “You should never…”, I start to get nervous about what will follow. 

2) You shouldn’t list heavy when you have pelvic organ prolapse. 

I have pelvic organ prolapse and I didn’t start lifting until 3 years AFTER my youngest child was born. Guess what! MY SYMPTOMS HAVE IMPROVED! 

The pressure that’s caused when you sneeze is greater than the pressure caused by lifting your baby, or a gallon of milk. We are not that fragile. If you want to lift heavy, there is a path forward.

3) A fit pregnancy equals an easy pregnancy and postpartum.

As much as I look forward to the day when we can predict all of the variables of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, today is not that day. The only thing that a fit pregnancy tells us is, well, that you had a fit pregnancy. THAT’S IT! 

I’ve seen so many women who had fit pregnancies and had their minds blown when their deliveries and postpartum didn’t go as expected. You cannot control or predict your postpartum outcomes. 

Let’s not put limits on things when we just don’t know enough. Myths are made to be busted! 

Let’s keep putting out solid information to moms in 2022!

May 2022 bring more evidence, research & less 💩💩💩 .

Comment and tell me the most eye-roll worthy myth you’ve heard this year!