NATHALIA MELO- Fitness Postpartum with former Ms Olympia

Today I speak with Nathalia Melo a wife, mother of two, and a business owner. She has featured on the cover of major magazines like Muscle & Fitness Hers, Shape Magazine, Fitness RX. In 2012, she won the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world- The Olympia, which allowed her to traveled to over 30 countries hosting fitness seminars for the general population as well as to fitness professionals.  Once she became pregnant, she realized everything she knew of fitness would need to be adjusted. Learning to navigate pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood while taking care of her health and fitness was an incredibly eye opening and humbling experience, which then led her to find her passion: Helping busy working moms regain their fitness and feel sexy AF! 

We  talk about:

-moms putting themselves last

-rushing the process

-using social media responsibly

-preconceptions around birth and postpartum

-working with the right people

-changing your mindset

-the Four Pillars of fitness

-finding sustainability in fitness

-setting the example for your kids

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

1:25 starting to help other moms

8:10 experience with birth

11:15 coaching style

12:45 victim mentality

15:05 common priorities with moms

21:35 helping moms through their programs

28:40 vetting your sources

32:00 genetics versus hard work

36:05 being a martyr as a mom

46:50 rapid fire questions







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