Injury Prevention & Tips for Dads to Help Moms Get Back to Workouts With Dr. Joe Norton, PT

Today I speak with Dr. Joe Norton, a long-distance runner who works with moms and dads who are looking to incorporate running with a new baby at home. He focuses on injury prevention and acclimating to a new normal with having a baby.  He as a unique perspective on offering advice to dads on how they can help moms get back to running. Joe goes into how to choose the right shoe and how to transition from one type of shoe to another. We talk about common injuries we see when moms are returning to run, especially a few years after baby is born.

Joe gives his top quick tips for injury prevention and speaks to why strength training is so important for all runners. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We  talk about:

-injury prevention

-different running gear

-how dads can help moms

-choosing the right shoe

-common return to run injuries

-the importance of strength training for runner

-having a plan & contingencies 

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

1:13 updating shoes after baby

5:30 common return to run injuries

7:36 quick tips for injury prevention

9:40 tips for dads to support moms






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