On the Run Strugglebus with I’m Mrs. Spacecadet 

Today I speak with Erin Azar, a running content creator who began sharing her relatable struggles with running as a beginner over two years ago and now has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media who keep coming back for her humor, vulnerability, and shorts review videos. Erin started running a couple years ago after having her third child in hopes of it making her feel healthier and happier. She hopes to make running less intimidating for beginner runners by showing her struggles and triumphs in her comedic content style. 

She started sharing her running content on social media in hopes of finding other runners who looked like her and ran slow like her. She wanted to ask other moms about their struggles and commiserate on how isolating motherhood and learning something new like running can be. Things exploded and she found herself on the Today Show and featured in NY Times, People Magazine and on the Women’s Running power women of 2022 list!  She is currently training for the Chicago marathon and taking everyone along for the ride. 

Erin is relatable as the “every mom” in all of us. You don’t want to miss this interview!

We  talk about:

-accidental TikTok fame

-finding community

-the love/hate relationship with running

-making time to run

-finding the right gear

-dealing with public perception

-partnership with Always 

-the pendulum swing of public opinion

-dealing with traumatic childbirth

-judgement in parenthood

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

5:09 finding time to run with 3 kids

8:02 challenges when returning to run

14:01 dealing with public perception 

16:08 Always discrete ad

26:05 expectations versus reality with childbirth 

35:00 returning to exercise with a sense of humor


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Website: https://carriepagliano.com


IG: https://www.instagram.com/immrsspacecadet/

Website: https://www.mrsspacecadet.com

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