MELANIE SULAVER- Fueling for the Sport of Motherhood

Today I am speaking with Mel Sulaver, a registered dietitian working to bridge the gap between women’s health and performance nutrition. As speaker, counselor, and coach, she works primarily with women in sport, focusing on disordered eating, amenorrhea, low energy availability and relative energy deficiency in sport. Mel believes there is an enormous amount of power at the crossroads of “athlete” and “mother” and is looking to challenge the narrative on what is possible throughout the fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journey.

We Talk About:

-the shift in identity from athlete to athlete and mother

-addressing a history of body dysmorphia and disordered eating behavior as part of family planning

-understanding nutrient needs and how they shift during pregnancy and postpartum

-breastfeeding and lactating athletes nutrient needs, support, planning

-advocating for therapy

-eating disorder versus disorder eating

-breastfeeding and weight loss

-realistic expectations

Time Stamps

1:00 Introduction

3:37 experience as a collegiate athlete

9:28 body/food issues that carry into postpartum

15:41 where to begin as a clinician

19:40 expectations going into pregnancy

23:10 navigating food sensitivities with breastfeeding

28:10 postpartum weigh loss & body changes

38:15 unexpected toddler eating habits

46:31 rapid fire questions







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