Looking for a workout program? Buyer Beware!

There was a woman who had her photos stolen off of Instagram and found them on a page being used as before and after photos for a diastasis recti program. The two big problems here are 1) her pictures were stolen and 2) Her results were from diastasis recti surgery!

Here’s the thing, you have to vet your resources. There is no oversight body for postpartum exercise programs, or any exercise programs for that matter. 

There are a ton of ways to become “postpartum certified”, so how do you know what’s legit? How do you know what’s worth the money? 

The game that’s played is really basic marketing. And it’s so effective because you’re in a vulnerable place. Maybe you don’t like what you look like. Maybe you don’t like how you feel. Maybe you have prolapse or diastasis recti and it’s freaking you out. 

Two certifications that you CAN trust are Girls Gone Strong and Pregnancy Postpartum Athleticism. Definitely check out my colleague @thedowntheredoc. I’m also a huge fan of coaches, trainers, PTs trained by @pregnant.postpartum.athlete and  @thegirlsgonestrong 

Even in pelvic floor PT, we get very little of this training. And a lot of pelvic floor PTs don’t have a background in strength and conditioning or building programs. 

As a professional and as a mom, it’s the Wild West out there as far as programs go. 

They usually fall into 2 categories:

1) SUPER BASIC. It’s full of what not to do.

2) ALL the bodyweight exercises.

It’s really difficult to find progression and full-on strength programs. 

Usually, the price point is directly correlated to the quality you’re going to get. If you’re looking for something in depth, you’re probably better off finding a local PT (I can totally help you find one in your area.)

You really have to ask, “Where did you learn how to do this and how are you qualified to teach this?” I mean, if it’s challenging for ME to do this, I can promise the influencer who took a weekend course is going to leave you high and dry. 

Vet your resources. 

Don’t look for the quick fix.

I hate to tell you this, but it’s going to take longer than you want. 

If you’re thinking about buying something, I’m always happy to give my opinion and help you vet. 

I do have a colleague who does have quality programs. I’m an affiliate so I’ll share the link. But I ONLY promote things I believe in. I’ve known Marcy for a long time and she has some great information to share!

LINK for @thedowntheredoc programs: https://thedtmethod.thinkific.com/?ref=798fb7