My Organs Do What?!?

My friend forwarded this paper to me: “longitudinal study of pelvic floor characteristics before, during and after pregnancy and nulliparous women.”

This study looked at imaging of organs in the pelvic region of 24 women, which seems like a small study, but this is groundbreaking! There has never been another study that uses imaging to track how organs move in a body during pregnancy. 

In the conversation I have with women, especially around prolapse, the biggest knowledge gap has to be that women don’t realize their organs move and that they are SUPPOSED to move!

With prolapse, that is the first opportunity many women have to realize that something is different, that something has moved. Usually this manifests as a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the vaginal region. Sometimes they can actually see the organs descend. 

This study shows us the architectural changes that happen before and after pregnancy. It’s really incredible!

The whole point is that we need to have these conversations EARLY!

THINGS MOVE! They’re meant to move! Even outside of pregnancy, things have to move around to accommodate urine and stool. Throw in a growing fetus, and things would get weird really fast if our organs didn’t move!

When we have these conversations early, there’s less shock and dismay when prolapse happens. 

I think if we can get over the idea of our organs being static, then there’s less of a jump to understand how you can experience symptoms of prolapse postpartum. 

If you’re a pelvic physio, what are the questions you get from clients?

If you’re a mom and I just blew your mind, I want to hear your questions.