Is Overactivity Causing your Prolapse?

SO MANY FIREWORKS! I feel like this past weekend everyone and their mother was setting off fireworks! 

I was talking to my neighbor about it and I told her I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people setting off fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July before. She thought maybe it’s always been this way, but I’m just now noticing. 😳

Before I started working with postpartum women all the time, I don’t think I realized just how many women were dealing with leakage and prolapse symptoms. 

We are just now starting to consider overactivity a potential driver of leakage and prolapse symptoms, but it’s probably been there the whole time. We just didn’t notice. 

For the longest time, pelvic floor overactivity (a muscle being on too much) was basically only related to 

-pain with sex

-pain with tampon insertion

-hadn’t had kids yet

Internal exams were really only happening for these patients.

Anyone with leakage or prolapse was getting tested for muscle strength. THAT’S IT.

It’s only been the last 5-ish years we’ve been considering overactivity for leakage and only the last year I’ve been looking at PROLAPSE through the overactivity lens.

Think about it, if you feel like an organ is falling out of your body, you may reflexively be pulling in!

And you’re probably scared out of your mind that something is falling out of your body, so your brain is hypersensitive to that area!

We need to turn the prolapse paradigm on its head! The correlation has probably always been there the whole time, we’re just now paying attention. 

Tell me what you think.

If you have prolapse, have you had this discussion with your  provider?

If you’re a professional, have you considered this? Am I off my rocker?