Should I Run with a Panty Liner?


Okay, maybe sometimes I read the comments. 

A few people sent me an Instagram ad that featured a popular mom Influencer. The ad was for an Always Infinity panyliner. 

I couldn’t help myself! I went to the comments…and was honestly shocked at what I saw. 

Mom after mom was there extolling the virtues of pelvic floor PT. 😱

Boy, have things changed over the last few years!

I won’t lie. I used to be anti-panyliner. But I’ve realized that some people STILL don’t have access to pelvic floor PT and sometimes you just need to do whatever you can in that moment to get out the door for a run and maintain your sanity. 

Something else I saw in the comments was women saying they tried PT and it didn’t work for them. Well, another thing we have, along with more awareness, is more specialization. 

Some women need more specialized care, they need a PT that specializes in working runners. 

Before I commented, I wanted to take a second to let this sink in. So much has changed! 

-the willingness of women to talk about these issues publicly

-hearing these conversations in the context of sport or athletics

-for so many women to be championing pelvic floor PT when just a few years ago, most people didn’t even know what it is.

Many of the comments were upset that she was promoting pads and that pads aren’t the answer.

Maybe not, but they can be a stopgap to helping women stay active while they work on correcting the core issues. 

It’s okay to look back and see how far we’ve come, while still looking forward to see where we are going. 

Let me know what you think. Should we have more moms out there getting paid sponsorship from pad companies? Who should we be cheering on?