Lifting Heavy & pregnancy with Allie Feras 

Today I am speaking with Allie Feras, a former competitive powerlifter and roller derby skater who still lifts and skates and plans to for life. She lives in Buffalo, New York and works in higher education data analytics. We first  met when I was working at Georgetown hospital and Allie was working in the Georgetown library. As a National level powerlifter, Allie experienced leakage when lifting heavy. As she got stronger and started lifting heavier more regularly, she experienced more and more leakage while deadlifting.

Allie talks about the work she did to improve her symptoms and how all of that work has carried into exercise now that she is pregnant! You don’t want to miss the interview!

We  talk about:

-urinating during deadlifting

-changing the approach for different scenarios

-Youtube with Meg Squats

-experience with pregnancy

-working with professionals who don’t understand heavy lifting

-knowing how and why to ask questions

-avoiding “over planning”

Time Stamps

1:20 where it all started

5:40 peeing and powerlifting

8:49 working with Meg Squats

13:20 lifting while pregnant

16:05 finding appropriate resources

20:26 expectations versus reality during pregnancy

25:30 most challenging thing to find answers to

31:44 advice for moms who lift






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