Postpartum Running in the Research with Dr. Shefali Christopher

Today I am speaking with Dr. Shefali Christopher, a researcher and faculty member at Elon University. Most recently, she was supporting the USA Paralympic Triathlon team. She’a also a mom of two. Today we talk about her research in postpartum running and what we are learning from the data. In her clinical practice, she treated a lot of postpartum runners that didn’t come to her until 2 or 3 years after having a baby and were having major issues. She is looking to identify risk factors that clinicians can watch for to help treat their moms.

We  talk about:

-running related risk factors

-surprising findings

-identifying biases

-Does everyone need postpartum PT?

-using biofeedback to choose workouts

-making really change in postpartum care

-dealing with misinformation

-the importance of Telehealth

Time Stamps

1:00 Introduction

1:27 60 second overview of her research

3:07 most surprising findings

10:35 where we can affect postpartum care the most

20:38 biggest lesson as a mom

22:01 final words






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