I am the Oprah of Diastasis Recti

You get your sit ups back! You get your planks back! 

Learn more about why DRA clients are my fave!

I really look forward to when someone comes in and wants their Diastasis Recti checked.  They think “My abs are split down the middle. I need to get this fixed.”

The general sentiment out there is women who don’t like how their abs look aesthetically assume the problem is diastasis recti.

Muffin top, afternoon bloat. ALL of it. 

Usually Dr. Google says “NO PLANKS NO SIT UPS!” And if you heed that “advice”, you feel weak and delicate. Most coaches and trainers don’t know enough to know how wrong that is. 

Listen, I fell for it, too. That’s what I used to tell people, That’s what I did myself! And guess what…

It didn’t work!

But I’ve since seen the light! There was no way I was going to get stronger with what I was doing (which was nothing, because that’s what I was told.) 

How can anyone get stronger by doing nothing?!?

But now I get to be Oprah. 

I get to give planks back. I get to give crunches back. 99.4% of the time, the separation isn’t bad enough to impose limits on exercises. 

Letting women know they don’t have to be scared of this thing anymore is just the best. 

But eventually the aesthetics question comes up. And I totally relater to that! But that’s a rabbit hole for another day.

I think the reason diastasis has gotten so much press is people want to know WHY they look so different, and if there’s a medical diagnosis behind it, it’s easier to understand. 

But if we can move past that, we can get so much more for ourselves. Letting someone know it’s safe to do a freaking sit up is priceless.

It’s a way to knock fear off the table. It’s just nice to give someone their life back.

Controlling your coning or doming is just a matter of motor development. Seriously. It’s a party trick for me know. I’ve trained to control my own and can manifest it with certain movements, if I so choose (TADA!!!!).

If you have questions about your diastasis, or any other postpartum issues, I’m always here to help!