DR. SONAL PATEL- The Cost of the 4th Trimester

Today I speak with Sonal Patel, MD. She is a pediatrician, neonatologist, & breastfeeding specialist who founded NayaCare in 2018. NayaCare is a home health clinic focused on improving postpartum care. She wrote her first book, The Doctor and Her Black Bag that examines maternal mortality in historical and personal context and solutions to reduce maternal mortality. She is also a co-founder and co-executive director of Center for 4th Trimester Care, a national physician-led non-profit with the mission of improving postpartum care. 

Having four kids, her message is for people to understand why the 4th trimester is so important and why we are losing more moms in this trimester than the first three combined.

We  talk about:

-personal experience with birth and the 4th Trimester

-things that change, but stay the same

-expanding accessibility

-moms getting lost in the 4th Trimester

-correlations with mother’s mental health

-over tracking everything

-cultural differences in the 4th Trimester

-the value of home services

-being okay asking for help

-the dangers of birth in the US

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

3:12 4th Trimester expectations versus realities

5:45 how postpartum has evolved

9:30 expanding pelvic health care

10:34 common challenges for moms

14:30 impacts of mother’s mental health

18:35 breastfeeding apps

21:42 the comparison trap

29:26 making an impact on change 

33:20 Center for 4th Trimester Care

35:55 moms not knowing what they need


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