Are Moms Superhuman?

Well, this was unexpected.

An article just came out in Sport Medicine, where the author investigated the idea of mom athletes not being superhuman…just regular human. 

I asked all of you over on Instagram whether you agreed or not and 75% said “superhuman” and 25% of you said “meh”.

I needed to hear more from the “mehs”.

A lot of you spoke to the double-edged sword that comes with being a “supermom”. 

And I get it. I remember those days of The Hustle being glorified. 

Do ALL of the things. For EVERYONE. All at ONCE!

But I think the tide is finally shifting. We finally have examples of female athletes returning to their sports after having a child, and returning at an incredibly high level. 

And while we ‘re cheering on these mama athletes, all of us know deep down inside what a shit show it has to be for these moms learning how to mom while having to perform at a high level. 

Just because you think I’m supermom, don’t add more to my plate. 

CAn we live in a world where we value our mothers and their performance in other areas, while also NOT expecting them to be perfect all the time?

That’s the challenge. 

And there’s no roadmap. 

WHen you’re trying to navigate life as a new mom, with a new roll, and a new body, you deserve the support to get back to a semblance of yourself without the unattainable expectations of the term “superhuman”,

I would love to hear from you. How do YOU navigate being that ideal with the realities of being a new mom? Especially, if you’re in the first 5 months where you’re still in the weeds. HIT REPLY to this email and let me know!