Teresa Waser – Equestrian Sport and CrossFit

Today I speak with Teresa Waser, a passionate educator driven to help healthcare and fitness professionals reignite their curiosity, challenge what they believe, and strive towards a truly biopsychosocial approach. She developed TIIPPSS-FC, a framework for creating change in how we help those with pain, pelvic health issues, and/or performance concerns. Teresa is a pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapist, based out of RX Physiotherapy in Leduc, Canada, and has previously coached running, as well as CrossFit for kids through to older adults. She blends her experiences as physio, coach, and educator to help empower clinicians and clients alike to redefine their possible.  Teresa is also a mom of 3, including a set of twins.  She loves traveling, equestrian sport, and lifting heavyish barbells repeatedly.

We  talk about:

-getting into CrossFit

-being active with diastases recti

-embracing uncertainty 

-sharing the journey 

-challenging what’s possible

-avoiding the “should” and “shouldn’t”

-growing up riding horses

-postpartum considerations for riders

Time Stamps

1:00 introduction

2:05 early days of CrossFit

7:30 the affects of diastases recti

12:50 the desire to learn

17:55 being open about your experience

22:50 postpartum and CrossFit

29:30 honoring where each person is on their journey

32:04 riding horses and postpartum correlations

42:48 rapid fire questions


IG: https://www.instagram.com/carriepagliano/

Website: https://carriepagliano.com


IG: https://www.instagram.com/rxphysio/

Website: https://rxphysiotherapy.com/

Teresa teaches both live online and face-to-face course options.

Courses include TIIPPSS-FC: Reframing our Approach to Pain, Pelvic Health and Performance (both live online and face-to-face Masterclass versions), and Beyond the Pelvis: Exercise for the Whole Body and Everyday Person (live online), and others

You can find her most up-to-date course listing here: https://rxphysiotherapy.com/courses/

For Teresa’s online self-paced seminar on “Pelvic Health in Equestrians” that was mentioned in the podcast, you can find that here: https://mypteducation.com/courses/pelvic-health-and-the-equestrian/

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