Top Tips for Staying Symptom Free in the Snow

Prolapse management in winter. 

Did you ever even IMAGINE that was something you’d have to consider?!?

But don’t worry! We have tools to handle this! Because shoveling snow is just like a workout. 

People don’t really think about symptoms, like pelvic organ prolapse or leakage, when they’re shoveling snow. But they should! Because I promise, the symptoms can show up whether you’re thinking about them or not. 

We go out and try to shovel the whole drive way and then wonder why our lower back is killing us or our pelvic floor feeling heavy. 

In our default mom state of being all the things and doing all the things, we forget it doesn’t have to be done all at once! 

If you can’t usually walk for two hours, then why do you think you can shovel snow for two hours?

The thing to remember is exactly what we talk about with everything else:

-Pay attention to your breathing: Pretend like you’re deadlift! Coordinate your breath with your movement. 

-Take breaks: Like my son told me today, it’s just going to keep snowing. 

-If you can, get your kids to help! Make it fun for them (and yourself). Burn off some of their never ending energy.